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Payroll Management

Informatec business model aims to adjust to the needs of each company, offering customizable services, being able to outsource its personal department in whole or in part, acting only in the routines where its difficulties are.

By outsourcing these routines, your HR can focus on strategic issues with the certainty that the personnel department's routines are being performed by a company specialized in the subject, with the best practices in:

Movements of Folha: admissions, leaves, dismissals, vacations and contractual changes;
Calculation Processing and Conference: advances, vacations, terminations, payroll;
Check Point;
Generation of guides to collect charges;
Generation / sending of monthly and annual obligations: CAGED, RAIS, DIRF, SEFIP;
Monitoring of approvals.

The routines that are under our responsibility can be performed on Informatec's premises or at the client's headquarters by an allocated employee who will have all the necessary support from our team.

We are prepared to work on the sheet system already used by your company or, in our own system, further reducing costs.

Get in touch and learn more about our services and what is the best model for your company.

Payroll Management

Our solutions were developed to facilitate and optimize your HR routines.

Regardless of the size or segment of your company, we are prepared to help you, offering customized solutions that fit your budget.

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