Informatec Serviços

We have been in the market for more than 28 years offering intelligent solutions that help in the development of companies and businesses.

We started our activities in 1992, in the city of Sorocaba-SP, with a regional office that sold payroll software in a solid partnership to provide services to ADP BRASIL, an American multinational payroll company.

With a lot of dedication to work and always trying to meet the needs of its customers, INFORMATEC has been increasingly specializing in the Personnel Management Management Outsourcing sector, guided by the principle of good Attendance, respect for the customer and quality . The tradition of more than 28 years of activities has made INFORMATEC a national reference in the outsourcing of Personnel Administration Management.

The solution developed by Informatec Serviços aims to make explicit respect for work and commitment to the legislation of the Companies with their employees, through the accuracy and transparency in the calculation of their payroll within the established legal term.

By placing the operations of the Personnel / HR Department under the administration of INFORMATEC SERVIÇOS, your company is leaner, more agile and more focused on quality and profitability.

HR operations become more productive, and now have highly qualified managers and teams of specialists who are constantly updated in labor and social security legislation on the best practices in personnel management, supported by advanced information technologies.

The fixed costs that your company had with area employees involved with all the bureaucracy, training, IT support and investments turn into variable costs because, each month, you pay only for the exact number of payroll participants. There is no doubt: all of this represents an important competitive advantage for your company.

Competitiveness makes the company need to improve productivity and results by turning to its core activity. When managers are concerned with the strategic issue, they usually do not have the time to monitor labor routines and their legal aspects. Thus, with outsourcing, in addition to saving time, reducing risks, making decisions faster, keeping information confidential, we enable the company to transform fixed costs into variables, reduce physical space, personnel expenses and labor liabilities.


Provide our customers with a unique experience, offering HR solutions that add technology, security and the best cost benefit.


To be a reference in the market and recognized as a reliable company with the best solutions in HR and Payroll management.


Client satisfaction;
Ethics and Integrity;
Client focus;
Innovation and Creativity;
Respect and Social and Environmental Responsibility.

Informatec Serviços