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ESocial is a federal government project that will unify the sending of information by the employer in relation to its employees. Companies will be obliged to send information over 1500 information (fields) divided into approximately 40 files in a timely manner, being subject to fines not only for delay, but also for the incorrect sending of information since the inspection can be done online. line.

The information related to this new requirement involves several areas of the company such as HR, Tax, Medicine and Security, Legal, IT, with the personal department being responsible for most of the information.

Companies need to prepare, identifying those responsible for the necessary information and the necessary adjustments to internal processes in order to ensure that deadlines are met. But it is not enough to meet the deadlines that will be required, it is necessary to ensure that the information transmitted will be updated and in accordance with the registrations with the government agency.

Thinking about this challenge for companies in the pre-eSocial period, Informatec developed a service package to help your company prepare for this new requirement:

Control - Registration Qualification

Validar as informações de todo o quadro de trabalhadores em relação à base do governo, identificando os erros e as ações a serem tomadas, de forma a assegurar que as informações de todos os colaboradores serão aceitas no início na vigência do eSocial.

Atualização Cadastral – Funcionários – Dados Pessoais

Validate the information of the entire workforce in relation to the government base, identifying the errors and actions to be taken, in order to ensure that the information of all employees will be accepted at the beginning during the eSocial term.

Adjustment of Internal Processes

Analyze the current scenario of the employer, identifying the departments involved, those responsible for the information, the sources of all necessary information and the form of communication between those involved in order to ensure that all necessary information will be fed into the systems involved correctly and within the legal deadlines.

Sanitation of Peripheral Registries

Check the consistency of the information registered in the systems used and that will be sent to eSocial: registration of companies, establishments and capacity, injunctions, working hours, headings, etc.


Our solutions were developed to facilitate and optimize your HR routines.

Regardless of the size or segment of your company, we are prepared to help you, offering customized solutions that fit your budget.

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